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RE: Only transform certain tags

> From: Bob Stayton [mailto:bobs@sco.COM]
> If I understand what you are trying to do,
> I think you want to use <xsl:copy>, which is easier
> to control since it doesn't copy all of its
> children like <xsl:copy-of> does.

Thanks, Bob. This was just what I needed. You've saved me a lot of headache
and my surroundings from a lot of ugly Perl :)

Actually this is related to a posting on the list a few days ago about
use-cases. Developers here were complaining that DocBook was overly verbose
when writing up use-cases (we wanted to put them in a table, so it seemed that
there were more tags than text in the documents).

Our solution is to add a transparent transformation-layer that will expand a
set of home-grown use-case tags into DocBook before moving on to HTML. We also
extended the DTD with these tags so everyone can stay happy with their
PSGML-modes :) This approach works so nicely that we plan on plugging in more
custom modules: requirements, test-plans, etc.

Thanks Bob for the tip, and thanks Norm for making extending DocBook so easy.


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