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Re: Inserting eps or pdf documents into a DocBookdocument

At 10:03 AM 4/11/01 +0900, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>OK, I got sgml2x, and I can now see what it does. 
>Firstly, Dan, did you have to do anything special to make it work? The
>setup instructions are Abys Mal and it gives wierd errors when I set the
>SGML_CATALOG_FILES to what I think they should be.
>How some ever, what it does is:
>   jade -> TEX
>   jadetex -> dvi
>   dvips -> ps
>   ps2pdf -> pdf
>The dvips step seems to require that all graphics be in eps or ps,
>otherwise it inserts a raw jpg or whatever file. However, once you satisfy
>that requirement, the EPS files are indeed inserted in the document, but
>they loose any scaling you requested of DocBook.

OK, well, it turns out that by scaling the diags correctly, I get
reasonable results, and can produce pdf that looks OK. If I set the page
size to A4, it even prints OK.

All I now have to do is figure out how to put the bookmarks in so the Adobe
pdf viewer can show you the pages down the side, etc ...

Richard Sharpe,
Samba (Team member,, Ethereal (Team member,
Contributing author, SAMS Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours
Author, Special Edition, Using Samba

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