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Title page recto and verso page problems


I have finally discovered an element in JadeTeX.dtx that allows me to
switch on a blank page at the end of a Simple Page Sequence if it does not
start on a right hand (recto) page ...

However, the title pages are both built with a (make simple-page-sequence
which causes a blank page after each.

This is clearly not good. I can probably hack it out, by putting a moving
the (make simple-page-sequence ...) to dbdivis.dsl rather than dbttlpg.dsl
and putting the appropriate elements in between the recto and verso pages ...

Does anyone have any comments?

I also have to figure out why OpenJade is not setting the appropriate
variables in the TeX output to ensure that things happen the way they should.

Richard Sharpe,
Samba (Team member,, Ethereal (Team member,
Contributing author, SAMS Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours
Author, Special Edition, Using Samba

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