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Re: HTML from docbook

Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> > Oleg Amiton wrote:
> > Put following code into your customized stylesheet:
> >
> > (define %html-header-tags%
> >   '(("META" ("HTTP-EQUIV" "Content-Type") ("CONTENT" "text/html;
> > charset=koi8-r"))))
> Should the stylesheets do this automatically?  Can we know the
> encoding of the output based on the language of the document?

I'm not sure, but I think that output encoding depends on Jade
configuration (SP_ENCODING environment variable) and there is no way,
how to get this value in DSSSL stylesheet. 

There are also langauges that can use several different encodings. For
example for Czech langauge, HTML pages should be in ISO-8859-2 as this
is standard. But 95 % of users have Windows machines, so encoding is
usually set to windows-1250. This encoding has some advantages over
ISO-8859-2 - it contains emdash, endash, quotes and some other very
useful characters.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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