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Bug Report: table alignment bug in DocBook HTMLstylesheets v1.36

In the DocBook HTML stylesheets v1.36, the CALS table 'align'
attribute is being assigned directly to the HTML table 'align'
attribute.  A CALS table uses 'align' to be the default horizontal
alignment of the cell contents.  An HTML table uses 'align' to
designate how the table will lay out if it is placed immediately after
another table or image.  Try creating a DocBook document with
a series of tables with align='left' and you will get a strangely
cascaded set of tables going off the page to the right.

My workaround is not to use the 'align' attribute.  A good temporary
fix would be to remove the code which sets the table align attribute.
In the long run, tables should probably support this attribute

I have duplicated this bug report on sourceforge.  In the future,
should I even bother sending bug reports to this list?


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