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XSL FO : IDs in page-sequence for basic-link ?


I was wondering why, using FOP, page numbers for chapters aren't
generated in the TOC, but all is fine for sect* and other

FOP was complaining about not finding the id of my chapters.

So I read the .fo generated with Saxon and see that the id for
components are attributes of `page-sequence' elements, and id for
sections are attributes of `block' elements.

The xsl fo specification says that for the `basic-link' element, the
`internal-destination' attribute specifies the destination flow object
to point to. I think page-sequence isn't a flow object, but block is.
Maybe it's the reason why FOP won't search the id there.

So I modified the style sheet this way and all is running fine :

$ diff ../../xsl/docbook/fo/ ../../xsl/docbook/fo/component.xsl
<   <fo:page-sequence id="{$id}"
<                     hyphenate="{$hyphenate}"
>   <fo:page-sequence hyphenate="{$hyphenate}"
>       <fo:block id="{$id}">
>       </fo:block>  

(a new block element that carries the id attribute encloses the component title)

Tell me if I'm wrong. Maybe all of this is only a FOP limitation.


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