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Re: Errors from Openjade with XML Docbook

Thank you everyone who replied - I've got it all working without errors.

The crux of the matter is that the catalog for SGML ISO entities MUST 
appear in the SGML_CATALOG_FILES path BEFORE the XML DocBook catalog (that 
contains entries for the XML ISO entities)

Many thanks,


At 09:57 04/04/01 +0200, you wrote:
>"Dave Brooks, BCS Systems" wrote:
> > >LINUX:
> > >openjade:./dbx412/ent/iso-lat1.ent:6:19:E: "X00E1" is not a function name
> > >openjade:./dbx412/ent/iso-lat1.ent:7:19:E: "X00C1" is not a function name
> > >openjade:./dbx412/ent/iso-lat1.ent:8:18:E: "X00E2" is not a function name
>Finally modify your SGML_CATALOG_FILES. You should have at least three
>catalog files referenced here: catalog for Jade, catalog for ISO
>entities and XML DocBook catalog. These files must be mentioned in this
>particular order.
>   Jirka Kosek
>   e-mail:

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