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Re: Making sure headers in tables are not too closetothe rule beside them


> We've had this problem for a long time, and were hopeful to hear there
> is a solution.  However, after installing the latest JadeTex (wow, the
> bookmarks work now!  Thanks, Sebastian!), and DSSSL 1.64, we still don't
> get any margins in table cells. (Running DocBook 4.1).

Hmmm... I do.... ahh... but did you also apply the patches to openjade
that you need to apply?  Check out:

Because you have the new JadeTex, you can avoid all the JadeTex patches,
but you will need to patch and recompile openjade. (which you can get

Apologies for not mentioning that earlier.

> 1) As those two lines are found in dbtable.dsl, why do you need to add
> them to your DSSSL customization layer?

You don't, if you are happy with the 3pt value.  If you want to change
the value, you *should* add them to your customization layer rather
than changing them directly in the file.

> 2) Is there a typo?  Shouldn't ...before-column margin% ...
>                             be ...before-column-margin% ... ?

Oops... yes, that is correct.  I was reading email remotely and 
couldn't copy and paste from the file... so I just typed them in
and obviously forgot the critical '-' there.

> 3) Most important, why doesn't my PDF output show margins in table
> cells?  What am I missing?  

How are you generating the PDF?  If you are ultimately calling 
openjade, you will need to patch the program as mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps,

Dan York, Director of Training
Ph: +1-613-751-4401  Mobile: +1-613-263-4312 Fax: +1-613-564-7739 
e-smith, inc. 150 Metcalfe St., Suite 1500, Ottawa,ON K2P 1P1 Canada            open source, open mind

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