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DSSSL Stylesheets for the *very* brave

The very brave amongst you might like to try the following:

1. Checkout the 'cvstools', 'gentext', 'xmlcharent', and 'dsssl' projects
from Make sure you give them all a common
parent directory.

2. Edit the 'saxon' and 'xjparse' scripts in cvstools so that they
work on your system (don't ask me how; if you have to ask, you aren't
brave enough. Oh, but I will say this, you can safely edit xjparse so
that it doesn't do anything :-)

3. Run 'make' in the dsssl directory

4. Fix the things I forgot to mention in this message. Run make again.
   Repeat until it works. :-)

5. Try the resulting stylesheet on your favorite test document.


* None of the make targets except 'all' are expected to work.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | It would not be better if things | happened to men just as they
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | wished.--Heraclitus

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