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Re: Making sure headers in tables are not too closetothe rule beside them

We've had this problem for a long time, and were hopeful to hear there
is a solution.  However, after installing the latest JadeTex (wow, the
bookmarks work now!  Thanks, Sebastian!), and DSSSL 1.64, we still don't
get any margins in table cells. (Running DocBook 4.1).

I have a couple questions about what Dan York said here:

> I had this exact problem in the e-smith manual and it was fixed
> by using the latest version of JadeTex.  Once you have that installed,
> you can add these two lines to your DSSSL customization layer:
>   (define %cals-cell-before-column margin% 3pt)
>   (define %cals-cell-after-column margin% 3pt)
> (those are found in dbtable.dsl.)  It worked fine for me.

1) As those two lines are found in dbtable.dsl, why do you need to add
them to your DSSSL customization layer?

2) Is there a typo?  Shouldn't ...before-column margin% ...
                            be ...before-column-margin% ... ?

3) Most important, why doesn't my PDF output show margins in table
cells?  What am I missing?  



Robert McIlvride (
Cogent Real-Time Systems (

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