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Re: print on A4 paper


> When I create printable documents from DocBook/SGML using sgmltools or
> jade, with the usual stylesheets (Nwalsh's, or ldp.dsl), I get the
> impression that they are created for US Legal paper: too wide and too
> short.
> How do I get these tools to format for A4?

Hey, funny we should run into each other here, too!  (Tom and I both
sit on the board of the Linux Professional Institute,
(Cue in theme song for "It's a Small World...")

If you look in 'print/dbparam.dsl' inside of Norm's distributed
style sheets, you'll see an entry for 'paper-type'. Probably 'A4' is
commented out and "USletter" is the current choice. If you do a 
search on 'page-width' in the same file, you'll see a long list of
all the different sizes supported by the stylesheets.

You *could* modify the setting for 'paper-type' right there in 
dbparam.dsl but that doesn't allow for easy updating later. Better
to just add a line defining 'paper-type' to a customization layer
like the 'ldp.dsl' that you mention above.

See DocBook:TDG for more info at:

Hope that helps,

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