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Emacs (previous-line) behavior

I'm using the test version of Emacs so that I could use Emacs-w32
(Cygwin file and resource services with a W32 gui).  I'm a heavy emacs
user on my GNU/Linux boxes; Unfortunately, I'm relegated to Windows7 at
work.  The problem I'm having only impacts the test 24.2.90 environment,
not the standard 24.2 version in Cygwin (where ther is no emacs-w32).

The only problem I've encountered is that (previous-line) aka, up arrow
or Control-P (<up>, C-p in emacs-speak) sometimes jumps up two lines
rather than one.  Luckily I'm a lousy typist and I keep an eye on the
screen so I quickly compensate with a down arrow but it is slowly
driving me nuts...

The reason I know it's not the idiot on the push button side of the
keyboard is that I have a customization that I've used for years that
copies the remainder of the line above to the current line.  It now
mangles the current and previous lines under this version of Cygwin.
I've had similar problems near the window boundaries due to scrolling
during re-display interacting with cursor motion but in customization
the behavior disappears because there is no intervening re-display.

Also, I'm having the problem in emacs-w32, emacs-x11 and emacs-nox

I did not encounter this problem with any of the pretest versions of
24.3 (which is what 24.2.90 is) on GNU/Linux.  And while I guess this is
not a Cygwin core bug, I expect it might be a bug in packaging of the
pretest.  I know emacs-w32 is a new beast in the GNU Emacs universe so
if the problem is really in the Emacs code base I'd like to see it
acknowledged and fixed before it causes problems for emacs on other

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