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Re: RES: hiding cursor on text terminals

On Tue, Jan 08, 2013 at 12:33:49PM -0200, Damian Rodriguez Sanchez wrote:
>>> I have compiled a Linux ncurses gcc application on Cygwin. Everything works
>>> fine except for curs_set(0) calls which do not hide the cursor on text mode
>>> terminals (they work on X though). Does anybody know of a way to achieve
>>> this, even if it's not a portable solution?
>>What terminals have you tried running it in? There's a DEC control
>>sequence called DECTCEM for hiding or showing the cursor, which is
>>implemented in mintty (the default Cygwin terminal), xterm, rxvt, and
>>presumably others.
>>However, it isn't implemented in the Cygwin console layer used when
>>running a Cygwin program in a console window. (It could probably be
>>implemented in the Cygwin DLL using Windows' SetConsoleCursorInfo()
>Well, I've tried using things like printf("\e[?25l") and
>printf("\e[?25h") in my code, if that's what you mean.
>But, yes, just like curs_set(), it only works on terminals
>running in graphics mode, not in the console windows.
>I wonder why it hasn't been implemented.

Probably just sheer orneriness.  We like to leave some things undone
just to mess with people's minds.


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