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Re: adding a folder to my path

On 1/2/2013 9:18 AM, LMH wrote:
I think this is a cygwin question, though it is certainly a general linux question as well. I would like to divide up and organize some of the apps and links in my path directories (such as /usr/local/bin) into sub directories. If I add a folder to /usr/local/bin, that folder is not in my path. Can someone give me the instructions for adding a folder such as /usr/local/bin/ruby_viewer/ to my path?
This is a basic question that is shell specific and all.

What I do is I have a function, called append_to_path:

   append_to_path ()
        if [ -d "$component" ]; then
            if [ -z "$PATH" ]; then

It appends to the PATH IFF the component passed in is a directory that exists. This allows me to loop through a set of directories knowing that only those that exist will end up on the path:

   systemroot=$(cygpath -u $SYSTEMROOT)

   for component in $path_dirs; do
      append_to_path "$component"

This allows me to set my PATH from scratch exactly how I want it. I add Unix paths, Solaris paths, HP_UX paths, FreeBSD paths and Windows paths to path_dirs. The net result is that I get the right set of paths on each of these systems dynamically.

Andrew DeFaria <>
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