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[SOLVED] RE: Finding Autogen

On 13 January 2008 20:43, Charles Wilson wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>>   There is no standard cygwin release of autogen, and last time I tried to
>> build it from source it didn't work.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
> When I tried to build it (both for mingw/msys and for cygwin) I found
> that it (triggered a guile) core-dump every time I ran it. However, it
> was a failure-on-exit problem: the generated files were correct and
> complete.
> See

  It appears to be a problem of libguile-17 needing to be rebuilt with one of
the more recent gcc packages that fixes the
throwing-a-std::string-across-a-dll-boundary bug[*].  That fixed it for me,
anyway.  I uploaded my build of autogen for a friend of Adam's who contacted
me off-list, so if anyone else would like to give it a go, you can get autogen

and you'll need the rebuilt libguile dll to make it work too:

  These were both built plain OOTB from sources, no configure options nor
patching were needed.  (Once we've verified the problem and solution and
upgraded libguile in the distro I'll presumably ITP autogen.)

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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