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lzma vs. new automake [attn lzma maintainer]

Automake 1.10.1 was released yesterday, and includes a new feature for dist-
lzma.  However, the lzma-4.43-1 package shipped with cygwin comes from the 7zip 
lzma-sdk upstream source, and provides an incompatible lzma program whose 
interface is incompatible with automake's needs. provides lzma-utils 4.32.x, with an lzma 
command-line tool similar to gzip (and in fact, also provides a patch for tar 
to integrate with lzma out-of-the-box, which I would like to fold into cygwin's 
tar), but this was forked from an earlier version of the lzma SDK.

The lzma package claims that it is based on the debian lzma package.  Debian, 
as of their lzma-4.43-2, started pulling in the lzma-utils package from in addition to the newer SDK from the 7zip page, providing the best 
of both upstream forks (and more importantly, providing a sanitized command-
line lzma tool that can be used similarly to gzip).  Can the cygwin lzma 
maintainer update to a newer debian build, in order to pick up lzma-utils, so 
that automake's new dist-lzma feature can work on cygwin?

Eric Blake

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