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free NFS client for Cygwin and/or support for FUSE?

Is there a free NFS client anyone can recommend that works will with Cygwin?

Also, has anyone considered building something like FUSE into Cygwin? FUSE is a package for creating user-mode filesystems in Linux. It requires a certain amount of kernel support; but I can't see how it would be difficult to adapt for Cygwin. That, in turn, would allow all sorts of nice file systems to be added -- e.g. the sshfs, which allows you to mount a remote ssh connection as a file system; CVSFS, which shows the different revisions of CVS repositories as different files, somewhat ala ClearCase; WikipediaFS, for mounting Wikipedia as a file system (easier to change than going through the normal interface); archivemount (mounting tar, cpio, etc. archives as directories); etc.

The result would be Cygwin-specific, i.e. wouldn't work in non-Cygwin utilities, but that's OK; the benefit of having such a system would be so great that it would vastly outdo the trouble of not being able to use non-Cygwin utils.


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