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Re: Reboot vs. Restart Windows (was: latest iconv hangs)

On Sun, 29 Oct 2006, Mike Maxwell wrote:

> Brian Dessent wrote:
> > And if you close all running Cygwin apps and services as recommended,
> As you will have guessed from reading this far, I'm old enough that it's
> quite possible my memory is fading.  But I don't recall seeing any msg
> from the setup program telling me to close any running Cygwin apps or
> services.  That would be a good addition, I suspect.  (I'm not familiar
> with DLL programming, but wouldn't it be quite easy for setup to tell
> whether Cygwin is running before the update starts, and tell the user to
> shut it down?)
> OK, I just went through the update process.  Unless I need new reading
> glasses, there really was no such recommendation.

FYI, there was a patch submitted that would allow detecting in-use files
and retrying (instead of blindly scheduling them to be replaced on
reboot).  I'll ping the appropriate list to make sure it gets applied (so
that the newer setup snapshots will have that feature).
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