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Re: Cygintl-3.dll was not found

Christopher Faylor-2 wrote:
> So you, infoterror, are also a student?  That's interesting.
> Given the number of people in this mailing list from companies who run
> Cygwin, it's hard to see how you could have any basis for your opinion.
> Hmm.  Now I really understand why your opinion of Cygwin is so low if
> you equate giving away software and volunteering time with "capitalism".

Typical thin intelligence replies. In the first sentence, you made an
assumption written nowhere in the text. (The answer is no, for the record.)

In the second paragraph, you make a weak "ad hominem" argument because you
don't want to accept what your userbase is telling you here.

In the third, you deliberately misinterpret a critique of SOME open source
development for ALL open source development.

In summary, your critical thinking skills are underdeveloped.

I would want to work for a project that rewarded critical thinking skills
instead of bulk machine manipulations, because the latter do not support the
user while the former does.

It's interesting that a project such as Cygwin can't get over "attack the
critic" rhetoric. How... immature.
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