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Re: Running a command on cygwin launch

Ben LeBar wrote:

I was wondering if there was any way to run a command on cygwin either
through a batch file while launching cygwin or once launched.

I heard that I could use a .batchrc file to do this, so I created one
containing the command I wanted executed and put it in my home
directory - it didn't work. Next I checked the Cygwin FAQ's and it
said that a home directory may not have been set so put it in the
cygwin root. I did this and tried it again -- no dice.

If anyone could help me out or give me any alternatives I'd greatly
appreciate it. Thanks.

If you're running Cygwin's bash prompt via cygwin.bat, you can add
whatever "batch" commands you want to that.  If you're looking to
add some shell commands, you can do so in your .bash_login or .bashrc
file, depending on your intent.  See 'man bash' for details.

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