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Re: Snapshot 20061023, ghostscript and xdvi

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> What *exactly* doesn't work anymore? Can you please provide a simple
> testcase which shows the problem reproducible?

You have right, but, for the moment, I do not know how to produce a simple
test case. I will think to it.

For the moment what I can say on "*exactly* doesn't work anymore" is that
with the snapshot XDVI does not show the figures included in a DVI (from a
TeX) document, it shows only empty rectangles.

This behaviour was flagged in the threads cited and it seems caused by the
fact that if one has installed ghostscript (no-X) and ghostscript-x11 the
version 'no-x' (in /usr/bin) is called by XDVI

So, the solution was to uninstall the no-X version of GS leaving only the
X version (or with a link as I have said in my post). 

The fact is that the tricks do not seem to work with the snapshot.

Using the snapshot and the tricks, XDVI shows the DVI document without
figures but only empty rectangles in their place.

Reinstalling Cygwin 1.5.21-2 and using the tricks on GS, the DVI documents
are displayed completely.


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