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RE: Cygwin broken after update (PATH problem?)

> >>   Your /etc/profile has DOS-style CRLF line endings.
> > 
> > Well, the problem is that there *is* no /etc/profile at all.
>   Well, that tells us two things:
> 1)  Setup must have failed part-way through.  Normally 
> re-running it, with
> "Install from local package directory", and clicking through 
> all the default
> options, and letting it run to completion should fix any 
> problems, but I see
> you tried that already.  Hmm.

No, I run setup again from the *website*. But I think this must
be even more safer than just doing it locally.

> >>   You will, I'm sure, not have updated your version of 
> bash without reading
> >> the relevant release announcement,
> > 
> > What type of announcement? 
>   The release announcements, that are posted to the 
> cygwin-announce list as
> well as to the main cygwin list, every time that a cygwin 
> package is updated.
> Weren't you curious about what updates you were going to get 
> and in what way
> they would be different from what you already had installed?  

Honestly, no, not at all. Yes, this makes me an ignorant, but the
main reason I went to redo the setup, was that I wanted to install
a new package, and when doing this I thought it might be a good
idea to update everything, to get the most recent bug fixes 
and so on. So I wasn't that interested in new features.

> This one:
> seems to explain at least part of your problem: self-overwriting error
> messages are a sign of CRLF line-ends.

I see. Indeed I did modify the profile, and although I normally take
care about
the line endings (the editor is set to keep line endings style), it
might be 
that I also had used on one occasion a different editor which did not
this policy. Not very likely, but I don't want to rule out this

But this would not explain why the /etc/profile got *erased*.

However, the announcement says that one should not have bash running
doing the setup. I think I did have a cygwin window open, running zsh on
top of bash.

> > I went to (on this
> > page, there is definitely no "release announcement" to see), 
>   Not all the documentation at the website is on 
> the front page.
> It wouldn't all fit.  You're expected to have browsed the 
> docs, faq and
> mailing-list summaries of your own accord.  (The fact that you're here
> suggests you /did/ read the mailing-list summary page...)

Yes, I misunderstood you here. I thought you wanted to suggest that
the announcements of the most recent release were supposed to be
always published on the front page (or at least represented via a
direct link, as it is the case on some other software homepages).

> > So it seems that setup did 
> not overwrite,
> > but delete it, which is really kind of strange.
>   Yep, it's absolutely not meant to do that.  Which means 
> that something went
> badly wrong, but it's a bit hard to guess what.
>   If setup.exe doesn't repair the system for you, you can get 
> a fresh copy of
> /etc/profile out of /etc/defaults/etc.  

Thank you, I will try it.

Ronald Fischer (phone +49-89-63676431)

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