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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libiconv-1.11-1, libiconv2-1.11-1, libcharset1-1.11-1

The GNU libiconv package provides an iconv() implementation, for use on
systems which don't have one, or whose implementation cannot convert
from/to Unicode.

These should be upgraded together with the gettext packages.


	libintl8-0.15-1 (*)
	libasprintf0-0.15-1 (**)

(*) new library package -- the DLL ver of libintl was bumped a few times by the upstream maintainers during 0.15 development . You can (and should) have both libintl3-0.14.5-1 and libintl8-0.15-1 installed.

(**) New library. libasprintf0
This package makes the C formatted output routines (fprintf et al.) usable in C++ programs, for use with the <string> strings and the <iostream> streams. See /usr/share/doc/libasprintf/autosprintf.html.


* Routine update to 1.11 upstream release
* Now depends on libintl8, not libintl3
* cygwin (and other WOE32) shared library support now provided via
  a new mechanism, detailed at this thread [1] and this website [2].
  Note that this is (or should be) completely transparent to end users
  and to developers/maintainers of projects which use libiconv.
* Switch to cygport build framework. Requires patched cygport
* Detailed changes listed below.




To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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==================================================================== New in 1.11: * The iconv program has new options --unicode-subst, --byte-subst, --widechar-subst that allow to specify substitutions for characters that cannot be converted. * The iconv program now understands long options: long option equivalent to --from-code -f --to-code -t --list -l --silent -s * The CP936 converter is now different from the GBK converter: it has changed to include the Euro sign and private area characters. CP936 is no longer an alias of GBK. * Updated GB18030 converter to include all private area characters. * Updated CP950 converter to include the Euro sign and private area characters. * Updated CP949 converter to include private area characters. * Updated the BIG5-HKSCS converter. The old BIG5-HKSCS converter is renamed to BIG5-HKSCS:1999 and updated to Unicode 4. New converters BIG5-HKSCS:2001 and BIG5-HKSCS:2004 are added. BIG5-HKSCS is now an alias for BIG5-HKSCS:2004. * Added a few irreversible mappings to the CP932 converter. * Tidy up the list of symbols exported from libiconv (assumes gcc >= 4.0).

New in 1.10:
* Added ISO-8859-11 converter.
* Updated the ISO-8859-7 converter.
* Added ATARIST converter, available through --enable-extra-encodings.
* Added BIG5-2003 converter (experimental), available through
* Updated EUC-TW converter to include the Euro sign.
* The preloadable library has been renamed from to
* Portability to mingw.

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