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Re: questions about excessive disk usage when doing tab completion

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According to Ben Wing on 10/21/2006 5:37 PM:
> I am using zsh on the latest cygwin and the first time I load it up and
> try to do tab completion on e.g. /mnt/g/download/<TAB>, it spends an
> inordinate amount of time grinding the disk -- sometimes on the order of
> 2 minutes or more.  the directory contains only 8 subdirs:

You didn't attach cygcheck output, so some of my reply is just a guess.
Is /mnt your preferred spelling for the cygdrive prefix?  Is /mnt/g a
local or remote disk?

> drwxrwxrwx+ 160 Ben None 0 Oct 16 11:03 utorrent/

This might be why - to correctly fill out the n_link member of struct stat
for a directory on a local drive, cygwin counts how many subdirectories
live in that directory.  Depending on how your disk is filled, it may take
some time to effectively readdir the directory to get that count.
Extra-full directories take longer to traverse, even if the traversal is
only to calculate how many subdirectories were encountered.

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