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Re: 1.5.21-1 - Crash on anything using cygwin1.dll

McLay wrote:
McLay wrote:
Hallo. I've got same problem. And I can't find any cyg* files in my
system to delete them.

the output of 'cygcheck -s -v -r' is in the attached file.

During this call there are two errors:
AppName: id.exe  AppVer:         ModName: cygwin1.dll
ModVer: 1005.21.0.0      Offset: 0000365f

AppName: cygcheck.exe    AppVer:         ModName: cygwin1.dll
ModVer: 1005.21.0.0      Offset: 0000365f

To get rid of all things Cygwin as installed by 'setup.exe', just remove
the installation directory.  If you started Cygwin services, you will at
least have to stop these before this is possible.

Yes, i know. I removed cygwin and restarted PC several times. But, there is this error, when i installing cygwin again(and again, and again..): AppName: bash.exe AppVer: ModName: cygwin1.dll ModVer: 1005.21.0.0 Offset: 0000365f

K:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe (enter)
      8 [main] bash 3576 dll_crt0_1: internal error: couldn't determine location
 of thread function on stack.  Expect signal problems.
bash-3.1$ k (enter)

And bash crashed with same error(see above)

Right.  I'm back up to speed.  You're probably going to need to debug this
locally, since it's not an obvious issue and it sounds like things have
degraded since you started.  Perhaps just installing the minimum subset
of packages will get you further?  If not, maybe you'll want to pull
a snapshot cygwin1.dll and the debug symbols and build bash so you can
look at where it bugs out.

-- Larry Hall RFK Partners, Inc. (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office 216 Dalton Rd. (508) 893-9889 - FAX Holliston, MA 01746

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