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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [experimental]: readline-5.2-2, libreadline6-5.2-2 (Problems ?)

Matthew Woehlke wrote: 

> IOW, to make sure the problem is not related to case sensitivity, what
> does 'ls /c/Documents\ and\ Settings' give you?


When I wrote 'I confirm this ...' I mean that I confirm ALL the problems
described in that post and I have used the link to be 'breviter',
i.e. SHORT.

I have tried 

   An, ang, AN...

but the completion  does not work ONLY with readline-5.2-2,

With 5.1-5 and previous readline/libreadline IT works FINE.

'ls /c/Documents\ and\ Settings' shows

Administrator  All Users  Angelo  Default User  LocalService 

This mean (my Cygwin has the default behaviour, i.e. case-sensitive) that

  $ ls -lrt /c/Documents\ and\ Settings/An<TAB>

should print

    ls -lrt /c/Documents\ and\ Settings/Angelo/ 

This happens with readline/libreadline 5.1-5 and previous but NOT with
5.2-2 and any othe combination of 'An', 'an' ... FAILS.



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