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Re: gcc & mingw code?

On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 11:41:51AM +0000, Mike wrote:
>On 2006-10-18, Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 02:22:23AM +0000, Mike wrote:
>>>Does someone have a bit of code that can be compiled static and mingw
>>>(the way I understand it) to remove all cygwin dependencies that will
>>>run as a windows (xp) service for starting vbscripts?  I cannot install
>>>cygwin on all my windows boxes and have a limit to how large an
>>>executable I can install on the boxes.  I do not want to muck with the
>>>registry beyond installing the service.  Having the program read from a
>>>file what vbscript to start and other run-time parameters is ok with
>> This mailing list is really not intended to discuss how not to use
>> Cygwin.  If you want to use MinGW, please ask questions in the mingw
>> mailing list.
>However the question is how to use cygwin to create a program that
>works in a windows environment as a stand-alone executable. That
>program would be compiled by gcc under cygwin, hence it is a cygwin

1) You can't produce a "static" Cygwin binary.

2) You can't use MinGW to provide full linux/POSIX functionality.

3) You *can* use the -mno-cygwin option to gcc to produce "MinGW" binaries
but the limit of support you are going to receive in this mailing list
for MinGW questions is to be told that the option -mno-cygwin exists.
It may or may not do what you want, but if it doesn't, or you have more
detailed questions about MinGW, then use the MinGW mailing list.


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