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Re: vim mlcscope interface issues

Hi Frodak,

Interesting find. Looks like I'll have to work with the vim folks to see if they will add support for mlcscope. It is a completely different version than cscope, but the interface is generically the same so I don't think it would be too difficult to add support in vim and fix if_cscope.c to support both.

In the meantime, if you don't have sourceforge cscope installed, you might try creating a symbol link called cscope and see if that works too.

Frodak wrote:


Over the last several days I've been trying to use vim
with mlcscope and have come to the conclusion that the
two won't place nice.  Whenever performing a ":cs find
..." vim would hang until I killed the mlcscope
process.  I couldn't find anything on-line about
compatibly issues between the two.  I downloaded
sourceforge cscope and had no issues with it working
with vim.

I've decided to look at the vim source file
if_cscope.c line 633 and changed it to key off of the
string "mlcscope" instead of "cscope" it started to

Anyways, I thought I'd mention it because I had such a
tough time with it.


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