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Re: OT: tcsh and LS_COLORS

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Oct 12 12:41, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Eric Blake wrote:
Oh, by the way, if you use tcsh, be aware that it also uses the LS_COLORS
environment variable internally, but that it does not understand quite as
many options as ls does and gripes about what it doesn't understand, which
is why I had to patch the cygwin version of LS_COLORS to silence stderr
during the tcsh eval.  Hopefully, a newer release of tcsh will allow me to
remove that hack from coreutils.
That's all? I had to build a hand-patched tcsh across our platform list because the unpatched sources *won't run* if tcsh doesn't understand LS_COLORS. And some csh's have the same behavior. IOW you couldn't run [t]csh *at all* with the newer LS_COLORS features.

Anyway, just wondering if you've also seen this and what if anything has been done to Cygwin's tcsh to cope.

Nothing. It's a bit weird that LS_COLORS is used by coreutils and tcsh, but it's a generic problem on all platforms. It will be solved upstream one way or the other.

Right, I was just curious if Cygwin in particular had done anything about it. Thanks for the info.

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