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Re: aspell

On 10/12/06, Gareth Pearce
I suspect you don't have nroff installed. If that is not the problem, it works for me -
That would be too easy. I already check that and nroff is indeed installed.

As for "works for" you, I suspect that you have an old version of
aspell.  I am talking about 0.60.3 and the more recent stable 0.60.4
versions.   Please download 0.60.4 and try it and let me know how it
Ahh, I missed that you were using a version of aspell you built yourself as was implied by the newer version number.

--Gareth, somewhat vaguely present aspell maintainer being.

I appreciate your response and with your assistance we'll find the cause and fix it and you can be the proud maintainer of new apsell, 0.60.4 that has a lot of great features and functionality.

See the vaguely present part; cygwin is a much lower priority on my todo list these days, so unless there is an issue with a released package which I am the maintainer for, I'm pretty much absent.
If I remember correctly, releasing a new aspell will require releasing a new aspell-en/aspell-de - and if I remember correctly, aspell-en doesn't even have a maintainer at the moment.

--Gareth, *may* take some time and look at updating his packages once nano 2.0 is released.

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