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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: vim-7.0.122-1

On Thu, October 12, 2006 2:41 pm, Igor Peshansky wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Oct 2006, John Morrison wrote:
>> On Thu, October 12, 2006 12:54 pm, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> >
>> > I think it is needed.  At least the postinstall
>> > script creates paths which point outside the Cygwin root, so it either
>> > needs to reference cygdrive paths, or use DOS paths.  Using cygdrives
>> > paths is preferable, IMHO.  Since the cygdrive path is not fixed, and
>> > can even differ between different users on the same machine, there
>> must
>> > be a fixed method to reference these paths.
>> >
>> > Personally I'd rather not further clutter the root directory, which is
>> > why /proc seems to me to be a better place to point to the cygdrive
>> > paths in a constant fashion.  But that is only a mild opposition.  I'd
>> > also go along with /cygdrive.
>> I've changed the script (which I didn't write!) to use cygpath --sysdir
>> which outputs cygdrive paths.  I should be able to get a new release out
>> by the weekend, but I'll hold off until this discussion is decided.
>> Personally I don't mind either an always existing /cygdrive or something
>> in /proc.  Only thing that would ask is; what would cygpath output?
> John,
> I wrote the script originally, and the initial version did use POSIX
> paths.

I thought you did and was suprised to find it not using POSIX paths but
assumed that there was a reason...

>  I've just re-read the early discussions, and found this:
> <>.

and there it is.

> I think the issue is still valid -- if the installing user has the
> user-level cygdrive prefix set, "cygpath --sysdir" will output something
> that won't work for other users on the machine, and the links will be
> broken.
> If we add a standard /cygdrive prefix, we'll also need to change cygpath
> to force that standard prefix for out-of-tree paths (otherwise user and
> system mounts take precedence).  Something like "cygpath -S -s" (or
> "cygpath --sysdir --standard")...
> However, if we really want to make this more robust, we'd need something
> like this:
> SAVED_CYGDRIVE="`mount -m | grep '^mount -u -[bt] -\?-c'`"
> mount -u -b -c '/cygdrive'
> # Do the path manipulation here
> umount -u -c
> [ -n "$SAVED_CYGDRIVE" ] && eval "$SAVED_CYGDRIVE"
> Opinions?

Can you write the new version and I'll just package it? ;)

> 	Igor
> P.S. One annoying thing about /cygdrive is that tab-completion for it is
> annoying OOTB, since there are also /cygwin.bat and /cygwin.ico.  One
> thing I normally do on all new installs is rename those two files to
> /Cygwin.bat and /Cygwin.ico -- since bash uses case-sensitive completion
> by default, this allows /c<Tab> to get to /cygdrive immediately.  Can we,
> perhaps, rename the .bat and the .ico files to start with a capital 'C' on
> new installs?  I'll send a patch to cygwin-apps.

or put them somewhere else...

/etc/setup/Cygwin.bat /etc/setup/Cygwin.ico?  I believe that there's
nothing in the bat file which precludes this and it would hide them away


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