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Re: cygwin 1.5.21-2: ssh-add unable to connect to ssh-agent with McAfee installed

Tim Beuman wrote:

There is a line "Content-Disposition: inline" which causes the attachments to be shown inline. Could be the file-type that causes Thunderbird to add this line to the section header. I will check if I can convince Thunderbird to not include this line when sending .txt files.

Hmm, yup, I bet that's it. See (1) for another example (note: I am also using Thunderbird). So, perhaps the question is why Jason complained in the first place, since this seems to be archive policy (and no one has complained at *me* for doing the same thing). Probably just overlooking "that's how the archiver works". :-)

If you want to turn off "Content-Disposition: inline", that should be fine, but my impression is that some people prefer that to having to open attachments. :-) Maybe it would just be better if the archiver did like Thunderbird does and add an '<hr>' or something to delineate attachments from actual inline content (and I wonder, do these things then show up when you search the archives?).

Would be nice if one of the big names would make an intelligible (2) comment on this.

(2) <-- not intelligible ;-)

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