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Re: (frok::parent) problems after 3-13-06 snapshot

On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 05:54:04AM +0000, Steve wrote:
>Hello Folks,
>I origianly posted this problem on the group on Oct.21 2006 under title "1.5.21
>Forked background processes". The problem involves forking processes in the
>background using `backticks` from a sh script. When doing this, the parent and
>child (backticked) processes will both die shortly and without error, although
>ps will still show the child process as alive. You can reproduce this problem
>using the example I added in my original post. Other folks I know and on the
>group were able to reproduce this problem with little effort.
>Since then I nailed down the culprit to a change that happened in method
>frok::parent in file The change to this method first appreared in the
>snapshot from 3-13-06. Here is the change log entry for this method:
>(frok::parent): Reorganize to allow retry of failed child creation if
>	child signalled that it was ok to do so.
>Reverting this change (to the 3-9-06 snapshot), as well as the change to
>(resume_child) in the same snapshot, fixed the problem. Reverting this, of
>course, invalidates the fork_retry (now proc_retry) CYGWIN environment option,
>which was one of the reasons this method was reorginized to accomidate. 
>I can't quite nail down the problem within this method however, but I'm guessing
>it has something to do with the retry iteration that's present. I consider this
>a rather nasty bug. 

If you've narrowed it down this far then it should not be much more work to
determine what *specifically* is causing the problem.


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