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Re: cygwin 1.5.21-2: ssh-add unable to connect to ssh-agent with McAfee installed

DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
On 10/10/06, Tim Beuman <> wrote:
I still have problems with ssh-agent/ssh-add when I install McAfee.
Browsing over the internet didn't yield a working solution. Before I
could stop McAfee and it would work but with the latest version of
McAfee (version 10?) disabling McAfee doesn't make any difference
anymore. Only an uninstall of McAfee makes things work again but this is
not an option.

A search of the mailing lists yielded other reports of the same problem
but no real solutions.

After some digging in the source I found that ssh-agent keeps waiting in
the select for ssh-add to connect. For whatever reason ssh-add seems to
be unable to connect to the AF_LOCAL socket created by ssh-agent.

Attached the strace files from ssh-agent and ssh-add as well as the
cygcheck output.

DELETED Ridiculous amount of stuff that probably should have been in an attachment.

Um, check again, there were about five lines other than what is quoted above (and those were 'hi' and a sig) that /weren't/ in attachments. :-)

Good advice, though, hopefully it will help Tim.

KDE: Desktop Excellence

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