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Re: Is there a way to install old version cygwin?

Linda Walsh wrote:
Eric Blake wrote:
For example, it may just be a matter of figuring out which scripts have DOS line endings but reside on binary mounts.
   Having this issue surprise me, recently, on an upgrade of
Bash, I wasn't sure why it had worked before and was not working

   I've never used text mounts that I know of -- always binary,
so I was surprised at seeing some change in behavior in this area.

   What was changed recently?  Was it that the old, line-read
functions quietly removed CR's so bash (et al.) wouldn't see
them even on "binary" mounts?

   Seemed to be an increase in compatibility, so it seems like
it was a "Good Thing"(tm), but I just was surprised at it jumping
out so recently.

This has already discussed in the bash threads on this list.  Please
read through those if you need more information about the change in
bash, it's reasons, and current and future solutions for files with

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