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Re: Compiling TVision under Cygwin fails

Vojta wrote:
Hello, I just tried to compile Turbo Vision under Cygwin:
I ran ./configure, which finished without errors I ran make and it compiled okay, until got to file
classes/wingr/, where it stoped with error that function
_get_osfhandle (line 703) was not declared. However, this function is
defined in <io.h>, but it seems to me, that it isn't linked to it when
compiling - I guess I should pass some g++ flag when configuring - but
Does anybody know what to do with it (I hope it is understandable what I
have written because my English is not very good)?
I tried this with the newest packages installed and I got the same error
with several different versions of TVision.
Thank you
- Vojta

Your English is fine. Make sure you are using '/usr/include/io.h' and not '/usr/include/mingw/io.h'. The former is Cygwin. The latter is Mingw. If you want Mingw rather than Cygwin, then your question is better directed to the Mingw folks (

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