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Re: FW: ssh and Microsoft compilers

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Hi, Scott, "Posting on the mailing lists not
only gives access to more expertise than any one person can provide, but
also ensures that the questions and answers are archived on the web for
future enlightenment seekers."

Scott Lee wrote:
I see from
that we are having the same problem with running MS compilers in
a password-less ssh session.  Have you found any solution to this?
In my case using a password is not acceptable because we are
trying to automate the build to run unattended.

The only potential solution I have seen is (read the whole thread and look up its references; unfortunately there is no single "summary" link with info on the subauth patch), but I have not tried it myself. Please keep us updated if it works for you.

"It's hard to tie your shoes when a cat is watching!" -- Me

Hmm, mine only rarely give me such problems. For some odd reason, however, any time a particular friend comes over, they are VERY interested in *his* shoelaces. Go figure.

Setting up another sshd server on an alternate port run as a regular user with normal network privileges may be a poor man's alternative in this case. You will need to ssh in as that user and provide the password but it should work. Note - I haven't tested this myself. ;-)

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