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Re: bash + defunct processes

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According to B. S. on 10/6/2006 2:48 AM:
> For each process there are 4-5 threads, one in state Wait::Executive and
> others in Wait::UserRequest (according to Process Explorer).
> Have you got any idea what goes wrong?

This seems to be a repeatedly reported problem, but not one which anyone
who is capable of patching has been able to reproduce.  One idea is to
check whether you have some rogue driver (antivirus or webcam tend to be
culprits) that interferes with cygwin in such a way that it triggers these
defunct processes, and disabling the driver might clean things up.

> (On top of this writing an automatic script to regularly clean up zombie
> processes is not straightforward since ps returns process IDs which are
> not accepted by kill...)

Try '/bin/kill -f' to use Windows process killing instead of cygwin (yes,
you are right that cygwin can't kill a cygwin process if it has locked up
in a defunct state).

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