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RE: Bash and CR/LF line-endings

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) [] On Behalf Of Pierre Baillargeon
) Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 3:55 AM
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) Subject: Bash and CR/LF line-endings
) I've been wondering during this whole event why one of the 
) original proposal was not used?
) As far as I can see, the main problem with both latest bash 
) revisions is that the solution to the cr/lf problem demands 
) that users be either pro-active or gifted guessers. Both the 
) d2u and the shopt solutions requires the user to understand 
) that bash trashing about with incomprehensible  errors is due 
) to bad line endings. This is compounded by the fact that 
) those scripts may be lying in the middle of custom toolchains 
) developed internally and used by non-programming end-users. 
) Also, due to the previous more forgiving behavior and the 
) nature of working in a Windows environment, the creeping of 
) cr/lf is inevitable for some users. Add to this that both 
) current solutions requires the modification of the scripts, 
) Isn't it expected that it raised many red flags? Not counting 
) those who are not inclined to read announcement and 
) development mailing list and just install product and have it 
) work out-of-the-box... I can see future new users 
) figuratively throwing back cygwin in the trash-bin because it 
) can't even run a simple shell script correctly.
) So why was the solution of using the 1st line of the script 
) (which, it was claimed, is read anyway for other purposes) 
) and base the seeking behavior on the detection of cr/lf 
) there, rejected?

While my personal instance of probrem have beel solved
by Eric, another probrem of cr/lf line ending script in binary mount,
is hopefully solved without editing the original scripts.

How about  using BASH_ENV variable.
In the startup script defined by BASH_ENV variable,
you can put a line "shopt -s igncr".

I think people in trouble have no difficulty to set LF line ending 
of startup script. 

I'll try after installing 3.1-9.

Kazuyuki Hagiwara

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