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Re: gcc build problem - make vpath

Michael Eager wrote:
Dave Korn wrote:
On 03 October 2006 03:10, Michael Eager wrote:
It looks like make is not recognizing VPATH correctly.
I'm using make-3.80-1.

This is unlikely. Gcc is known to build on cygwin. I do it all the time and it has no problem for me. Perhaps something else is underlying.

I've also built GCC on Cygwin a number of times without problem until I updated Cygwin, which installed make-3.81. The changes in make-3.81 cause problems with another makefile which uses DOS paths containing variables (%name), so I uninstalled make-3.81 and installed make-3.80 binaries from

I reinstalled make-3.81. The problem is gone.

I don't have the option of re-writing the makefiles which use
DOS paths to make them compatible with make-3.81.

Is there a working version of make-3.80 available?  Is there
any option which will make make-3.81 treat DOS variables the
same as in make-3.80?

Oh, look, I *found* the link this time. :-) (Thanks, CGF! Alas, I have no link to where he provided the link :-).)

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