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RE: gcc build problem - make vpath

On 03 October 2006 03:10, Michael Eager wrote:

> This might be the wrong mailing list (I couldn't find
> a list for make), but I hope that folks might have an
> answer/explanation.
> I'm getting an error building gcc on Cygwin.
> Specifically, the make in libcpp fails, saying
> that it cannot find a rule to make po/
> which is needed by target 'all'.
> It looks like make is not recognizing VPATH correctly.
> I'm using make-3.80-1.

  This is unlikely.  Gcc is known to build on cygwin.  I do it all the time
and it has no problem for me.  Perhaps something else is underlying.

> Is this a known bug in make?  Any suggestions about
> a fix which doesn't require a change in the gcc makefile?

  What gcc version, what configure options, what exact command lines will
reproduce this problem?  Plus don't forget to send your "cygcheck -svr" output
**as an attachment please**.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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