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Re: Problems with archiver "ar"

Don't mount to /cygdrive/c/DATA/; mount points to a subdirectory of
/cygdrive don't really do any good, because the path resolution does not
look for mount points residing inside /cygdrive.  Instead, mount
c:\data\myproject to a POSIX path (ie. something like /myProject).

Thanks, Eric, for pointing this out. - That clarifies all!

> PS: The problem with "ar" is still there and I think (as Eric pointed
> out) that "ar" is not correctly reading in binmode/textmode. Once I
> solved the mounting problems, I will do some more tests with "ar".

What more needs to be tested?  Until cgf releases a new binutils with an
update to ar that forces binary mode on all archival actions, the current
behavior on textmounts isn't going to change.

Thus I think the error seems to be clear and I need no further testing. (I just wanted to narrow doewn, but you guys are rather familiar with the source code and already know what is going wrong.)

Thanks! - And I am really looking forward to the next releases.

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