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Re: mssing packages for cygwin

From: "Larry Hall (Cygwin)"

Tom Lee wrote:
According to Tom Lee on 9/30/2006 11:24 PM:
> I don't undersand why "ls c:/test" works but not for
> "tar cvf test.tar c:/test"

Because ls does not parse its arguments, but upstream tar treats c:/test
as meaning open the file /test on the remote machine named c; and because
I'm not in the mood to patch either ls or tar from what the upstream
packages provide.  For cygwin programs in general, POSIX paths will work,
but you are lucky if DOS paths happen to work, since the point of cygwin
is to provide a Linux emulation (aka POSIX-like behavior), and DOS paths
are not supported in Linux.

For postx-like behavior, I find that djgpp mv.exe allows me to run mv *.txt /my/directory/ or mv *.txt c:/my/directory/ in the c drive

while cygwin have to use:
mv *.txt /cygdrive/c/my/directory/

do you think ignoring /cygdrive/c would be an advantage to reduce the typing?

If you installed Cygwin in the root directory of your C drive,
'mv *.txt /my/directory' does what you suggest.  If you didn't,
it moves it to whatever directory you installed Cygwin in (default
= C:/cygwin).  "/" is the POSIX root directory and is mounted as such.

since the root is c:/cygwin, "mv *.txt /my/directory" under cygwin will goes to
c:/cygwin/my/directory not c:/my/directory.

it looks that all C program containing getcwd(), chdir() functions will not work under cycgwin unless these C programs are compiled under cygwin, since they won't recognize /cygdrive/c.

I really don't see any difference for using /cygdrive/c/ from c:/ under windows. /cygdrive/c/ is windows specific path, so does c:/.


If you try to think of POSIX paths in terms of DOS drive letters,
you're just going to end up confusing yourself.

getcwd(), chdir()

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