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Re: GDB and Cygwin SIGSEGV revisited

On Sun, May 21, 2006 at 07:14:52AM -0700, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Richard Schmitt wrote:
> > - downloaded the latest gdb (6.4), built it and installed it.
> > [...]
> > doesn't suffer from this problem?  The issue was fixed in CVS earlier
> > this year.  But do note that it requires functionality not present in
> 6.4 won't do, it's too old.  The fix was committed in February 2006. 
> 6.4 was released in December 2005.

6.4 works, but I've found that no matter what, initializing the following:

1. mutex attribute type
2. thrad attribute type

results in a SIGSEGV.

mutex and condvars no longer result in a visible SIGSEGV with one of the newer
snapshots and 6.4. Also, I've found a better method which is:

handle SIGSEGV noprint nostop
handle SIGTRAP noprint nostop

Another method I've taken is to dynamically initialize all mutexes, attributes,
and condvars. But really I should have to do *any* of the above to debug code,
as they are mediocre solutions.


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