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Re: open() giving ENOENT when trying to create files with control chars

On Sun, 4 Dec 2005, Corinna Vinschen wrote:;en-us;117258
is interesting...

This is certainly interesting. Using this in Cygwin would require to change the path handling to using UNICODE, though, which is a major undertaking since the path handling throughout Cygwin is plain ASCII right now.

I remember having read about those mappings used by
Services for Macintosh and Services for Unix. If I remeber right, they are unfortunately incompatible!

SFM uses (from link above):
   Macintosh ANSI  Unicode
   0x01-0x1F       0xF001-0xF01F
   "               0xF020
   *               0xF021
   /               0xF022
   <               0xF023
   >               0xF024
   ?               0xF025
   \               0xF026
   |               0xF027

But SFU uses:
   <any invalid ascii char>   =>  0xF000 + ascii code

So for 0x01-0x1f the mapping is the same, but e.g. "?" is mapped
0x3f => 0xf03f by SFU, and not to 0xf025.

Unfortunately I didn't find the source of SFU mapping any more. The only thing I found:

While searching I found this thread which might be interesting when planning to migrate cygwin from ascii to unicode internally:


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