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Will using cygwin help with back-linking?

I've googled and searched the cygwin FAQ, if my question is already answered
there perhaps someone can at least tell me what term to search for as
"back-linking" didn't seem to offer germane tips?

I'm new to cygwin. I have a Unix application I'd like to go through and make
sure it can also compile and run on a windows machine with cygwin. The Unix
application relies on "back-linking" with regards to dlopen'able modules.
Specifically, any dlopen'able module needs to have access to any variables
defined globally in the calling application. On Unix, when the module is
dlopened by the main program, it's references to global variables in the
main program are all resolved then.

>From my googling and reading, I am told Windows does not support this
concept of "back-linking". So I was wondering if loading cygwin on the
machine will provide this feature, or am I left with totally restructuring
the application to stuff the global variable definitions into a library?

Any tips in the right direction are most appreciated!

Jay West

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