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RPCNDR.H and boolean

I'm using some .h files generated by MIDL. These .h files contain this
	/* File created by MIDL compiler version 5.01.0164 */

Plus these preprocessor directives:


And (finally) these files use a "boolean" (not "BOOL" or "bool") typedef
which is defined in rpcndr.h if you get that file from the M$ SDK.

The cygwin files I'm currently using appear to be 1.1.4. I've looked at
version 1.1.7, and it appears that if I were to upgrade then the
RPCNDR_H_VERSION macro would work, but still there would be no "typedef
unsigned char boolean;".

If I stay with 1.1.4, I have to add "-D__RPCNDR_H_VERSION=3" to the makefile
and wedge the typedef into some source file. If I upgraded to 1.1.7, I'd
still need the typedef. I propose that the typedef be added to rpcndr.h.
Relative to the w32api tarball dated 12/25/00, I'd suggest putting the
typedef on line 47 of rpcndr.h, since that closely corresponds to where it
is in the M$ file. This would break code that had its own definition of
boolean iff it includes rpcndr.h directly or indirectly. On the other hand,
if people have some sort of SDK with headers generated by a recent version
of MIDL, they will be able to use cygwin.

Mike Enright

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