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Re: Missing dependency for Athena libraries

On 14 August 2010 12:57, Ryan Johnson wrote:
> I just tried to pull down the Athena widget libraries (xaw and xaw3d) and
> got an unmet dependency message for libXpm-devel.
> It's not a big deal, since it offered to add it to my list, but a bit odd (I
> just clicked on each once... none of the cycling though
> install/keep/reinstall/etc which might have confused something).

That's the new normal, following a change to setup.exe.

Previously, dependencies would have been added instantly when you
selected a package. The problem with that was that those dependencies
weren't deselected if you changed your mind about a package. Also, it
got in the way when you cycled through the package actions to get to
'Uninstall', and sometimes people were surprised about the number of
packages being quietly pulled in by their selections. Therefore now
the dependencies being added automatically are always listed on the
'Resolve Dependencies' page.

Seems the wording on that page still needs some fine-tuning though. I
presume it was the 'Unmet Dependencies Found' line that made you think
there's a problem?


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