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Re: CygwinX at MS Terminalserver?

Jon TURNEY <jon.turney <at>> writes:

> Where you may experience problems is if the X server crashes whilst being run 
> by an Administrator, and then a non-Adminstrator user tries to run X server 
> using the same display number, which will fail due being unable to remove the 
> stale lock file and unix socket.  Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to 
> fix that without introducing a security hole (not that it is known to be 
> secure anyhow)


this problem could be handled.
Create a script which checks for existence of the PID written into the
file(s) /tmp/.X${DISPLAY_NUMBER}-lock and remove the Lockfile and also 
the Domainsocket for the same DISPLAY_NUMBER if the process doesn't exist. 
It is a good strategy to check for the string Xwin in the process command 
to ignore other processes which may got the same PID as the previous 
XServer process.
Either do this periodically in the script itself and start it via inittab 
or as a windows service, or run it via cron. Checking once a minute should 
be sufficient.



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