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Unable to install X on 64-bit Windows 7 Premium

I finally had to replace my ancient Windows XP box, and ended up with a Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit system. If I run setup.exe to install a fresh cygwin, it succeeds as long as I don't touch the X11 set, leaving it at Default (which is to say, don't install anything in the set). If I change Default to Install for X11, I get a dialog box which says:

Cygwin Setup - Running postinstall scripts
Postinstall script errors
    The following errors occured executing postinstall scripts
Package: gcc4-core exit code 126
Package: libglade2.0_0 exit code 2
Package: xinit exit code 8
Package: No package exit code 126 exit code 2 exit code 8

When I click Next, I get an error message saying the installation won't work properly unless I correct the failures which occurred, and tells me to look in the log file. The log file doesn't have anything beyond what appears in the dialog box as far as the errors are concerned, and there's no clue anywhere telling me how I'm supposed to go about correcting the errors. I've tried many times, clearing away the c:\cygwin tree each time and starting fresh (don't know about the registry, though: there isn't an uninstaller for cygwin in the add/remove programs database). I've googled, but haven't found anything I could use to get past these failures.

cygwin installer, version 2.708
gcc4-core, version 4.3.4-3
libglade2.0_0, version 2.6.4-1
xinit, version 1.2.1-1

I'm running the setup program as administrator. I downloaded it multiple times to make sure I wasn't working a corrupted installer.

Could I please have some assistance figuring out how to correct the errors? What other information do I need to supply?


Bob Kline

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